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The Aera Way

In the energy business today, the challenges are immense, complex and dynamic. Yet, when determination and innovation are applied in full, amazing things can happen. At Aera Energy, we specialize in achieving what others cannot.

We call it The Aera Way.

Our people work within a culture that thrives on challenges and produces solutions. By looking outside of the industry for inspiration, we have developed a manufacturing mindset that is unique to the industry. Our streamlined and fit-for-purpose processes are enhanced by our enterprise architecture and data quality processes that provide real time information for faster, cost-effective decision making.

Our employees maintain a commitment to all aspects of the business. They consistently go beyond compliance to achieve new levels of success. They relentlessly pursue improvement through waste elimination and defect prevention. They are respectful, honest and committed.

When we bring it all together — our manufacturing mindset, information systems excellence and dynamic culture — we get results. Results that are reflected in financial measures that outperform the competition, achieve performance targets regardless of swings in the business environment, and increase competency across the work force.

Did you know?

Aera Energy is jointly owned by affiliates of Shell and ExxonMobil.