Work with Aera, as an Employee or a Supplier

Our principles

Aera's purpose, vision and values aren’t just words printed on pretty paper that sit on a shelf to collect dust; they are the very foundation of everything we do. We live them every day through our actions and decisions – not because they sound good or it is convenient, but because they are the right things to do. That's how we do business.


Our energy powers great todays and better tomorrows.


To lead the industry by responsibly delivering energy and unsurpassed value, creating success for those we touch.


Passionately engaged

We value the brightest minds and the boldest spirits. We seek those with a passion for solving problems and a desire to push us and our industry further than we thought possible.

Collectively empowered

From day one, we are empowered and accountable to find new ways to improve our company, to make an impact. We seek challenge and fulfillment in our roles, from hire to retire.

Embracing inclusion

We respect and genuinely care about each other. We bring our best and whole selves to our careers, balancing life with work. We believe diversity is a strength, and inclusion is vital for the creativity and collaboration that are key to achieving success together.

Challenging convention

We exist on the edge of what is and what could be, forever in the pursuit of better. Our diverse perspectives are crucial to continuously improving and innovating, from field to boardroom and everywhere in between. Our most recent achievement is our next opportunity for improvement.

Operating responsibly

In an ever-changing world, we seek to pilot a clear path forward. Through our unwavering commitment to safety and environmental stewardship, we continue to deliver results and challenge ourselves as a company, grounding ourselves in the highest standards of integrity.

Building community

Our people and our company are proud to call California home. We do more than just business here – we are active members of the community, as we seek to improve the lives outside our walls as well as within.

Did you know?

Aera Energy is one of California's largest oil and gas producers.