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Did You Know? Nov 13, 2020

6 tenets of sound carbon policy

The Western petroleum industry believes we must be part of the climate conversation and solution. With our six tenets of sound carbon policy, we can all rise to the challenge of a changing climate.

The members of Western States Petroleum Association, including Aera, believe it’s imperative that we are part of the climate conversation and that we continue to become part of the climate solution.

Working together, we can rise to the challenge of a changing climate. As the conversation around climate change continues to progress, we believe sound climate policy solutions are based on the following principles:

  1. Access to energy matters.
  2. The 4 Es – energy, environment, economy and equality – must all be part of the solution.
  3. Public transparency and broad stakeholder participation are vital.
  4. Support scientific and economic analysis.
  5. Pursue technology- and fuel-neutral policies.
  6. Adopt market-based approaches.

Learn more about the industry’s approach to sound climate-policy solutions here.

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