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Fast Facts Jun 17, 2019

8 facts you might not know about oil and gas in California’s economy

  1. Each day, California produces 463,000 barrels of oil but consumes 1.8 million barrels – some four times more.
  2. Californians consume every barrel of oil and gas produced in the state and import almost three times more, paying more than $25 billion a year for imported oil.
  3. The average annual pay in the oil industry is $123,000, nearly double California’s private-sector average.
  4. There are 600,000 oil and gas royalty owners in California.
  5. California requires 13 million gallons of aviation fuel a day to support its 145 airports.
  6. To support its 35 million registered vehicles, California consumes 42 million gallons of gas and 10 million gallons of diesel a day.
  7. More than 6,000 everyday products are made from petroleum products, including shoes, phones, eyeglasses, heart valves and disposable diapers.
  8. More than 25 federal, state and local agencies oversee oil and gas production in California, which has the most stringent regulations in the world.


Source: Californians for Energy Independence

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