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Aera in the Community Feb 18, 2020

Aera shares common ground at Women’s March Kern County

The event offered an opportunity to empower women and celebrate diversity – and to recognize that energy companies like Aera hold similar values

Aera Energy participated with an estimated 4,000 people in the third annual Women’s March Kern County.

Held Jan. 18 at Central Park in downtown Bakersfield, the march celebrated what organizers called “the power of diverse women.”

As one of dozens of speakers at the daylong event, Aera’s Cindy Pollard told attendees that her employer is a company enriched by the diversity shared by many Californians.  

“We are more alike than different from those who may have opposing views,” said Pollard, Aera’s director of public affairs. “Aera and the oil industry are people of color. We are men and women. We are gay and transgender. We are veterans, single parents, grandparents. We are people once in need of a second chance. We are immigrants. And we all want clean air and water.”

The Women’s March not only offered the opportunity to empower women and celebrate diversity but to bridge differences by communicating the similar values that drive energy businesses like Aera, Pollard said.

Aera’s booth at this year’s Women’s March in Bakersfield shared facts about the oil and gas industry. Aera was a corporate sponsor of the event.

For example, as the event was winding down, Pollard was approached by a woman who was starting to challenge what she always believed about the oil industry after moving to the Central Valley.

“She told me she had begun to question her beliefs as she learned more about the industry,” said Pollard.

Days later, another woman came up to Pollard at Aera’s Bakersfield headquarters. The woman, who works for a company that provides administrative support services for Aera, served in the voter registration booth at the Women’s March.

“She said she appreciated my comments at the march and how proud she was to tell people that she worked with Aera,” Pollard said.

“Reaching out, explaining our values and objectives, collaborating with those who think differently – these are critically important as we look for solutions to achieve California’s aggressive climate goals,” she added.

Aera was a corporate sponsor of this year’s Women’s March.

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