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Aera-Ventura urban operations to get a facelift

Watch a Ventura County Star video about the project.

Ventura, Calif. – Drivers heading down Ventura Avenue or Highway 33 might be surprised by the sight of some new artwork at Aera-Ventura in the coming months – as it undergoes a series of beautification projects enhancing the natural setting of its urban operations while highlighting the region’s natural resources and rich history of the oil and gas industry in Ventura.

MB Hanrahan, a local artist, has begun painting murals on two of Aera-Ventura’s large fresh-water tanks along Ventura Avenue depicting a variety of large sea animals and prehistoric creatures. The murals will take approximately three months to complete. Students from nearby schools will also lend their artistic talents during a visit to Aera-Ventura in the coming weeks to paint fencing around 20 of Aera’s pumping units. Aera will also help upgrade fencing along the avenue and bike trail to improve security and provide additional canvas space for more murals in the future.

The 2024 beautification projects are made possible by an investment from Aera Energy, with artistic leadership from the West Side Community Development Corporation. They coincide with the city of Ventura’s Bike Trail Improvement Project.

“Aera has been such a longtime partner in the Ventura community and we’re grateful for Aera’s continued commitment to helping make the west side Ventura community an even greater place to live and this is just another example of that,” said Kendra Gonzalez, executive director, West Side Community Development Corporation. “As Aera continues to innovate for a better future for California, we are looking forward to this partnership in Ventura’s west side community to continue for many years to come.”

Aera employees are committed to continuing to produce the reliable and affordable oil and gas California relies on that gets hardworking Californians to and from work, food to grocery store shelves, and produces the thousands of household items we use every day – while developing technology such as carbon capture and storage for a better energy future for California. Aera is also committed to helping strengthen and enhance the communities where our employees work, live and raise their own families.

“Aera is proud to have been an employer here in Ventura for more than 25 years,” said Erin Larner, manager of operations at Aera-Ventura. “We’re more than energy producers – we’re supporters of local education, economic development and fierce protectors of our environment. We are proud to partner with many of Ventura’s community-based organizations – and for local artists to have this unique role in highlighting the rich history of the oil and gas industry here in Ventura and supporting our local trails, while enhancing the natural resources of this area.”


About Aera Energy
About Aera Energy LLC Aera Energy is a California company and a long-time leader in the energy industry accounting for nearly 25 percent of the state’s oil production. Formed in 1997, it is headquartered in Bakersfield and known for excellent safety and environmental performance, innovative business practices, application of cutting-edge technology, a dynamic company culture and being a valued community partner. With operations centered in the San Joaquin Valley, much of Aera’s oil production comes from Kern County. Aera also has active oil field operations in Ventura, Monterey and Fresno counties. 

About West Side Community Development Corporation

Westside Community Development Corporation is a federally-recognized “Community Based Development Organization” that was formed in 2003 to activate partnerships and secure resources to strengthen Ventura’s Westside.  Through events, workshops and special projects, the WCDC connects those who seek to improve their lives, their livelihoods or their community to resources and opportunities that help create positive change.

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