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Belridge Apr 27, 2017

Aera volunteers lend hands and hearts to ‘Picnic in the Park’

Part of Santa Barbara County’s Foodbank program, the summer event brought food and fun to students.

Team Aera volunteers made a difference recently by lending a hand and their hearts to the Santa Barbara County Foodbank’s Picnic in the Park.

The program that provides meals countywide during the summer to students who receive meals at school.

Employees, who traveled to Santa Maria to help kick-off the program in that city, served over 240 lunches.

“The best part for me was the smoothie blender bike” said Susan Perrell, Environmental Health Services advisor. “I loved seeing the children lining up to get on the bike and pedal hard. One girl had never been on a bike and was shy but determined. I was touched and moved.”

Kevin Reiser assists children with the blender bike.

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