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Responsibility, Oil in Everyday Life, Community Aug 19, 2019

Why we support Aera’s East Cat Canyon project

Strengthening the local economy is Glenn Morris’ mission as leader of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce. He explains why Aera’s neighboring oilfield redevelopment meets that goal. Why do you endorse Aera’s East Cat Canyon project? The Santa Maria Valley Chamber’s mission is to be a champion for our community. We firmly believe that the […]

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Oil in Everyday Life, Responsibility Aug 19, 2019

Can oil and its opponents find common ground?

If we’re smart, thoughtful and collaborative, we can find solutions that deliver a sustainable energy future for California By Catherine Reheis-Boyd, president, Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) No matter where you look, the U.S. oil and gas industry is making extraordinary contributions that benefit our lives. We’re powering homes and businesses, providing good jobs and supporting […]

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Oil in Everyday Life Aug 19, 2019

What can a barrel of oil make?

The list of everyday products from just one barrel of oil underscores how much we rely on petroleum U.S. crude oil production continues to increase, surpassing 12 million barrels per day in April 2019, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported in July. While most of us have never seen a barrel of crude oil, […]

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Oil in Everyday Life, Community Aug 19, 2019

What others are saying: “Kern County’s way of life is under attack”

Responsible oil and gas companies like Aera work hard to safely provide the energy millions of Californians need every day. But our industry faces a daily barrage of misinformation and bias aimed at ending the state’s oil production. Fortunately, key California legislators like State Sen. Shannon Grove are willing to voice their support for the […]

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Community Aug 19, 2019

American Cancer Society honors Aera with Relay For Life national ranking

The American Cancer Society has recognized Aera Energy with a No. 60 national ranking for its “outstanding fundraising success.” Aera employees raised $59,344 during the 2018 Relay for Life event, held at the Kern County Fairgrounds. Fifty Aera employees, under campaign lead and Aera financial analyst Jean Browning, participated in the event. The American Cancer […]

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