Inside Aera
Aeragram, Coalinga Jul 16, 2019

California legislative aides tour Aera’s Coalinga field

Six representatives from the offices of California legislators visited Aera’s Coalinga field June 19 to learn more about the Fresno County operation that produces some 7,000 barrels of heavy crude oil every day and learn how the field is safely and responsibly meeting the energy needs of California. The visitors included: Matt Rogers, Office of […]

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Coalinga Apr 16, 2019

Coalinga oilfield celebrates safety milestone

Congratulations to the men and women at Aera’s Coalinga oilfield. On March 16, the team achieved a safety milestone worth celebrating—19 years safe. While this is a huge accomplishment, the employees there aren’t sitting back on their heels. “We are committed to operating safely and in compliance with local, state, and federal requirements,” says Ed […]

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