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Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and diversity fuel Aera's innovation.

At Aera, we believe in the importance of having an inclusive and diverse workplace to fulfill our Mission, Vision and Values. Diversity, to us, is a strength and we see inclusion as crucial for fostering the creativity and collaboration essential for shared success.

We all benefit when every employee and contractor actively engages in a workplace that embraces diverse identities and approaches. By valuing our differences while pursuing a common purpose, we create more opportunities for everyone.

Actively promoting inclusion and diversity broadens our access to a variety of thoughts, perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, leading to more innovative ideas and effective decisions. This competitive advantage is key to achieving sustainable business success.

Inclusion and diversity are integral to our culture and organizational systems. Besides raising awareness among employees, we actively support the growth of inclusive, diverse Employee Resource Groups and actively seek diverse candidates for job opportunities. This commitment helps create a workforce where individuals feel valued, supported and respected, leading to increased engagement and enrichment for everyone at Aera.

Employee Resource Groups

By linking team members who share common interests or goals, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) add value to our business. Aligned with Aera’s objectives, these voluntary, employee-driven groups play a crucial role in our path to success. They foster a deeper understanding of inclusion and diversity within our workforce, sparking innovative ideas and improving communication. They positively impact employee recruitment, retention, and engagement.

More than 350 Aera employees participate in ERGs, which are inclusive and open to all. Our ERGs include:

Among their many activities, Aera’s ERG members engage in community toy drives and clean-ups. They sponsor internships, literacy programs, and career development opportunities. They host veterans’ tributes, LGBT pride events, and cultural celebrations.