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The Big Picture Oct 13, 2021

Energy policies drive higher gas prices

Efforts to shut down in-state oil production will hurt those who are already struggling to get by.

Hand holding gas nozzle in gas station for car refuelingAccording to AAA, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in California hovered at about $4.41 around Labor Day. Prices like this may leave Californians wondering, why are we paying so much at the pump?

Californians for Energy Independence (CEI) says California has become increasingly reliant on expensive foreign-oil imports to power the state, importing more than 70 percent of the oil it needs each day. The result? Sticker shock at the pump.

Read more from CEI in Extracting Fact about how policies banning production in California would only mean higher gas prices for Californians at the pump. >

Get the latest averages for California gas prices:

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