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5 Fast Facts, Featured Jun 10, 2021

Five facts you might not know about Kern County, the energy capital of California

  1. Kern County is the energy capital of California and ranks 7th in the top oil-producing counties in the United States, producing about 326,000 barrels of oil per day.
  2. The oil and gas industry directly contributes $11.4 billion in annual revenue to the Kern County economy.
  3. The oil and gas industry employs about 13,800 Kern County residents. An additional 8,300 residents are employed indirectly or through induced economic impacts of the oil and gas industry.
  4. Energy companies rank 8th among the top 10 Kern County taxpayers.
  5. The oil and gas industry provides high-paying jobs in Kern County with an industry average wage for oil and gas jobs of $80,835, as compared to Kern County’s average annual wage of $51,453.

Source: Kern County Economic Development Corporation

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