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Community Nov 15, 2018

Leaders For Life pick Aera for student-led event

Student leaders from across Kern County came to Aera Energy’s Bakersfield headquarters to participate in one of the most important nights of their school year – Leaders In Life. As a longtime supporter of education opportunities in the communities where it operates, Aera was proud to host the more than 120 high school and junior high students and their families for the Leaders In Life dinner and conference. The program was started 20 years ago by Morgan Clayton, who owns Tel-Tec Security, in partnership with the Kern County Network for Children and the Kern County Superintendent of Schools. The organization aimed to connect to students to resources that would help them become more engaged in their community.  The diverse group of students planned the event and when it came to choosing a site to hold the event it was an easy choice – Aera. Earlier this summer many of the students had participate in the Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Agricultural and Energy Academy, which concluded with a graduation ceremony at Aera. With that experience, the students connected with Aera to be the first host of the year for the organization.   

Morgan Clayton

KCSOS Superintendent Mary C. Barlow



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