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Bakersfield, Featured, The Big Picture Jan 12, 2023

Can you imagine a life without oil and gas?

New video highlights the essential roles oil and gas play in Californians’ everyday lives

Imagine your life without oil and gas fueling your activities as you go about your day. Aera Energy recently released a new “Life Without Oil” video through its social media platforms and digital advertising showing the reality of thousands of products simply disappearing from a family’s life as they try to live in a world devoid of oil and gas.

This informative and fact-based two-minute video walks viewers through a typical weekend event that many Californians enjoy – a backyard barbecue. It soon becomes evident that life without oil and gas would be very different. TVs, kitchenware, sports equipment, plastic tables and more would cease to exist without a well-thought out, pragmatic approach to the energy transition.

The video puts in perspective California’s reliance on oil and gas and the fact that demand keeps growing even as lawmakers and regulators consider policies limiting and discouraging the production of oil and gas in the state. Limiting access to oil and gas production only increases reliance on foreign oil imports that are often not held to the same environmental and safety standards as California produced oil and raises the price of transporting energy into the state.

“Oil and gas are intertwined in the very fabric of Californian’s everyday lives,” said Cynthia Pollard, Aera Energy’s director of public affairs. “The clothes we wear, the technology we rely on, and the medical equipment and supplies that keep us healthy and safe — are all made possible thanks in part to oil and gas. In this critical moment in time that will define California’s energy future, we urge people to get all the facts as we work towards pragmatic energy solutions that keep energy costs in check as we continue to better protect our environment. We, at Aera, are helping to lead the state to a lower carbon energy future while still meeting California’s growing energy needs.”

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