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Aera in the Community Aug 12, 2021

Looking ahead to the future of energy

Aera Energy joins the Ventura community to discuss the future of energy and technologies to help in California’s energy transition.

WSCC logoWhen the Westside Community Council hosted a future of energy conversation at its monthly virtual meeting, it invited Aera Energy and the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) to take part.

Aera-Ventura Manager of Operations Erin Larner talked about the important role Aera Energy plays in producing the energy needed to fuel California, and Aera’s Carbon Management Director Garth Reucassel spoke about the innovative future of oil and gas and the potential use of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) to help California achieve its climate goals. CCUS stores carbon generated by industrial sources and compresses it to a fluid. The fluid is then injected deep down underground into safe geological storage sites. The state will need many CCUS projects to reach its net zero goal by 2045 by injecting over 100 million tons of CO2 from hard to decarbonize industry. 

“Aera is looking at projects, but a typical project could inject up to a million tons in a year,” Reucassel told the group. “That’s 100 projects needed between now and 2045 — 100 huge projects that will create jobs and a sustainable energy future for California as well as improve air quality by taking that carbon out of the air and putting it in those safe sites.” 

Ben Oakley, the manager of the California Coastal Region for Western States Petroleum Association also spoke about what a sustainable energy future would look like.

“We believe the sustainable energy future requires equitable solutions that support all Californians and not just those who can afford higher and higher energy prices through the policies that we’re seeing today,” Oakley said. “We believe every person deserves access to reliable, safe and affordable energy.”

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