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Midway Sunset Feb 27, 2017

Mike Morris: Bias for action

Like the rest of Aera, the total process reliability (TPR) team at Midway Sunset has been undergoing a major transition in recent months.

So, when supervisors needed someone to temporarily manage the field’s planning, scheduling and work execution of contractor KS Industries (KSI), they didn’t have to look far.

Right in their midst was Mike Morris, a TPR surface logistics specialist at Midway Sunset.

“That KSI responsibility is generally managed by two Aera employees, so it’s a true testament to his bias for action,” said Mike McGarvey, process supervisor. “Mike works very closely with both Aera and KSI leaders to ensure we are meeting our customers’ needs, as well as ensuring that the work is being completed as safely and efficiently as possible.

“Mike has done a great job and has met with many successes,” McGarvey added. “You would think he had several years of TPR experience, not just six months.”

Morris’ operations background before joining TPR is one reason why. He started at Aera in 2007 as a CLAM operator, then moved on to serve as a lead operator, CLAM specialist and plant specialist before taking on his current TPR role. Before Aera, Morris worked for a Bakersfield gas plant, where he loaded rail cars with natural gases.

“Working with the KSI workforce, I’m planning, scheduling and executing the daily responsibilities of 30 people to maintain and repair equipment,” said Morris. “I’m incorporating responsibility, priority, materials, equipment and people into the job of producing oil.”

So, how does Morris do it? “I am always planning and trying to anticipate what the next step will be,” he said. “I try to always look ahead so I can keep the work direction moving forward and not have resources waiting for direction or guidance. I also like to go to where the work is happening. That way I can be involved and understand where we are and what direction we need to go to be successful.”

In 2016, Morris served as the Midway Sunset representative for the Next Aera communication network. More recently, he was chosen for the new Ambassador Program. Those important new roles don’t surprise the people who have worked with him.

“Mike shows a huge commitment to win and a passion for learning and improving,” said David Shuck, process supervisor. “He uses this energy to drive others to do the same. Mike often stays late at work to ensure issues are completely resolved. He usually is correcting problems before you know you had one. He is a very forward-thinking individual.”

Brandon Clanahan, logistics specialist, agreed. “In the six months I have had the pleasure of working with Mike, he has repeatedly demonstrated an eagerness to learn as well as adapt to multiple processes and their work requests,” Clanahan said. “Mike works very well with others to gather facts and make project decisions.”

Away from work, Morris and his girlfriend, Ponya Quinton, enjoy traveling and spending family time with their three children, Eligh, Bryson and Quinton.

We live our safety motto that “Every day, everybody goes home alive and well!” / DID YOU KNOW? Aera Energy has been honored with the North American Maintenance Excellence Award and the AME Manufacturing Excellence Award.

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