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Did You Know? Jul 15, 2020

Oil and gas drive California’s critical supply chains

The state’s petroleum production is powering the fight against COVID-19

Ventilators. Masks. Hand sanitizer. Sneeze guards at check-out counters.

They’ve become part of everyday life in 2020, no thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Did You Know?Not so visible, however, is the role oil and gas production plays in bringing Californians the critical supplies that protect our daily health and safety.

Plastics and pharmaceuticals are primarily derived from petrochemicals, and there aren’t many substitutes for petroleum inputs in these products. That means most medical supplies stem from petroleum.

Medical transport graphicPetroleum also creates the fuel that powers the trucks, planes, ships and rail that transport COVID-19-fighting essentials such as:  

  • Ventilators
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Medicine
  • Medical equipment – incubators, oxygen lines, x-ray machines

Whether it’s masks and ventilators to get us through the pandemic, or the local energy production that ensures we can power our state efficiently and effectively, California must have control over its vital resources rather than relying on foreign oil.

California communities and their 40 million residents are dependent on California oil and gas production.

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