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Featured, Did You Know? Apr 14, 2021

Oil and gas make your day possible, from food and water to technology and healthcare

Petroleum, also called oil and gas, isn’t just gas for your car. Or heating and cooling for your home. Or electricity for your electronics.

Oil and natural gas are in many common products you use in your daily life. Without them, your life would be very different.

Consider the many ways oil and gas support California’s vital economic and social infrastructure:


TransportationFuels cars, trucks, and airplanes that move people to work, goods to stores, and food to tables.


Fuels farm equipment that cultivates food and powers processing plants and refrigeration systems.


Powers water treatment facilities and the delivery systems that provide clean drinking and irrigation water for California’s households, agricultural sector and ecosystems.

Electrical equipment

Powers the electrical grid supplying electricity to homes, businesses and cities for heating, cooling, lighting, communications and more.


VaccinesPowers medical equipment and hospitals, provides advanced materials for life-saving medical devices, and fuels generators for back-up power needs to keep patients safe.


Fuels construction equipment for building homes and creates construction materials like asphalt, roofing, paint and siding.


Powers plants that produce the thousands of goods we use every day that are created from petroleum products, including diapers, eyeglasses, mobile phones, clothes, tires, shoes, cosmetics and computers.

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