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Adjacent to other oil fields and ranch lands, the East Cat Canyon project site produced oil for nearly 100 years before being decommissioned in the 1990s. Aera has applied for a land use permit to redevelop the field, which is located in a rural area southeast of Santa Maria. An environmental impact report (EIR) has been drafted by the Santa Barbara County Planning and Redevelopment Department. You can read it at: www.sbcountyplanning.org/energy/projects/AeraEastCatCanyon.asp

Our goal in redeveloping the East Cat Canyon oil field is to produce energy while protecting human health and the environment and becoming a trusted community partner in Santa Barbara. Christina Sistrunk President & CEO, Aera Energy
Energy + Jobs + Environmental Stewardship

Strongly Supported

Many families in Santa Barbara County own mineral rights to the oil beneath their property, and many depend on royalties from that oil to make ends meet. As people who have for years—and often for generations—co-existed with oil production literally in their own back yards, NARO members are confident that the East Cat Canyon project will not only safely provide oil that California needs, but support local families as well. Ed Hazard President, National Association of Royalty Owners – California
“Aera’s safety record is superior. They are a very responsible company that protects people and the environment while producing oil. In fact, Aera’s safety record is 18 times better than the records of California local governments and the state.” Ben Laverty East Cat Canyon Property Owner
“I own ranch land near Aera’s project, and I believe that protecting the county’s water resources is vitally important. Aera is a responsible environmental steward, and will create a project that will produce energy, and at the same time protect our water and other environmental resources.” John Wickenden North County Rancher
“As a veteran and long-time resident of Santa Barbara County, I enthusiastically support Aera Energy’s East Cat Canyon project. Aera has proven they are a good neighbor by partnering with community groups to help our kids and families. They also have a solid record of respecting the environment and working safely. Willie Galvan Korean War Veteran
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