San Ardo - Lrg
San Ardo Operation Highlights

Supporting Monterey County jobs and economy

Aera is an important contributor to Monterey’s economy. More than 150 employees and contractors work at the San Ardo Field every day. These jobs come with good wages and good benefits that support families and the community.

Aera is also the fifth largest taxpayer in Monterey County contributing nearly $3 million a year. The taxes we pay help provide important services such as law enforcement, transportation and education.

Environmental stewardship

Aera has a strong environmental record. Aera protects air quality by complying with more than 1,000 permit conditions under Title V of the Clean Air Act.

In San Ardo we are 100 percent self-sufficient in water use, with 96 percent of the water we use being recycled produced water from within our own operations. Only four percent of the water we used comes from our own water wells.