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Aera is the largest onshore oil producer in Ventura County

Aera is the largest onshore oil producer in Ventura County, with oil and gas operations covering approximately 4,300 acres located largely in an unincorporated area just to the northwest of the city of Ventura. Production averages 12,000 barrels per day of crude oil and seven mmcf per day of natural gas. Oil is transported to refineries in the Los Angeles basin; natural gas is shipped to Southern California Gas Co.

Aera and its forerunner companies have been actively producing crude oil in Ventura County since the 1920s. Much of the operation is now in secondary recovery water injection.

Aera and its employees in Ventura are actively involved in the local community. Our company is a longtime member of both the Ventura Chamber of Commerce and the Ventura County Economic Development Association.

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