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Prospective Suppliers

Prospective suppliers

Aera is committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers. We work side-by-side with suppliers to produce oil and gas, to maintain our facilities, and to provide related technical and business services. Our 3,000 – 4,000 contract workers are partners with whom we work collaboratively to create value and achieve success.

Honesty, integrity and respect are core components of Aera’s company values. When selecting business partners and suppliers, we expect the highest standards of business conduct. Ethical and honest behavior is a fundamental requirement for conducting business.

We also focus on key business processes and principles, including: a commitment to industry-leading safety performance and the application of behavioral-based safety in the workplace a philosophy and practice of continuous improvement an alignment with Aera’s purpose, vision and values a commitment to fair competition; Aera is open to all suppliers, regardless of size or whether you have done business with us before.

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