Responsibility - Lrg

Living our values

Aera is committed to operating responsibly in every aspect of our business. Driven by our vision and values, we put that pledge to work every day.

Why is this so important? Simply put, by responsibly and safely producing oil and gas we help people live better lives. And by doing the right thing, we believe Aera earns trust and confidence as a preferred employer, dependable neighbor, good environmental steward and respected corporate citizen.

Safety by design

A critical focus is our safety performance and environmental stewardship. It starts with a top-to-bottom expectation that the safety of our employees and business partners is paramount. It’s present at every work site and in every meeting. It’s reflected in our “safety by design” equipment and operating standards. And it’s visible in the personal protective equipment we provide our team members and in the training we regularly conduct.

Our commitment to responsibility also extends to our business partners, community stakeholders and the environment where we operate. Working together, we demonstrate operational excellence, meet regulatory requirements, protect the environment and support community well-being.