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Aera and the community are partners in solving problems and creating a better future

Aera and the community are partners in solving problems and creating a better future.

Aera employees are known and respected for their community involvement. Employee participation in community events and causes is encouraged, supported and recognized. Why? Because Aera is much more than just an employer. We are individuals and families who live in the communities in which we operate. We attend events, support causes and work to make our communities stronger.

Partnership A.E.R.A.: Through a program called Partnership A.E.R.A. (Achieving Excellence, Rewarding Academics), employees are also encouraged to share their time and expertise on focused youth programs.

Reading programs: Through the Community Reading Project, Aera employees volunteer as coaches in second grade classrooms to help children improve their reading skills and achieve grade level proficiency. Aera also sponsors a summer reading program in conjunction with the Coalinga-Huron Library.

High school programs: Engaging students in math and science subjects is the focus of the Math and Science Academy (MS3) and the Taft Oil Academy. Aera volunteers serve as mentors, encouraging students to explore career opportunities in the science and technology fields. We also provide over 70 volunteers annually to help judge student projects entered in the Kern County Science Fair.

Both *Team Aera* and Partnership A.E.R.A. serve as platforms for volunteers to help charitable organizations and support targeted educational programs. Many employees also hold key leadership positions in state and local chambers of commerce, economic development associations, and educational, cultural and environmental organizations.

Charitable Giving