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Together, we can make a difference

Reaching out to members of the community to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and partnerships at the local level is a high priority for Aera.

We want elected officials, community leaders, residents and businesses to understand our unwavering commitment to safety and environmental stewardship. And we want ‘you’ to know that Aera consistently meets—and often exceeds—stringent regulatory requirements.

We want California’s citizens to recognize how hugely important oil and gas are to the state’s economy and to bettering people’s lives. And, perhaps most of all, that we care about the communities where we operate.

Aera’s emphasis on safety, our highly skilled and diverse workforce, and our track record of success should be part of every conversation about the oil and gas industry. The dialogue must also include science- and fact-based information, whether it’s about production, the economy or quality of life.

Aera has taken several steps to inform Californians about petroleum production. We’re working to correct the misinformation being spread by anti-oil messages. By bringing together individuals and companies that support the oil and gas industry, we can mobilize a persuasive force. Together, we can make a difference.