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Ambassador Program

Employees as industry envoys


Among the most credible people to tell the true story of Aera and the petroleum industry are our employees. They’re the backbone of Aera’s Ambassador Program.

Launched in 2016 and aligned with our license to operate, the program trains employees how to be positive spokespersons for the oil and gas industry. Team members learn how to communicate effectively about the importance of environmental stewardship and the role of oil and gas in the economy. The goal is to help participants feel confident they can discuss oil and gas development with family, friends and neighbors.

In their ambassador roles, employees engage Aera stakeholders in several ways, such as hosting open houses, participating in public forums and leading field tours with residents, community leaders and news media.

Through these efforts, Aera shares our operating story and encourages open dialogue and transparency around our operations. We provide the practical knowledge needed for elected officials and regulators to make informed decisions.

Aera’s employee envoys are equipped with helpful resources to start a fact-based dialogue with the public. These include facts and information about hydraulic fracturing, well construction, water and air quality, seismic activity, the economic impact of the oil and gas industry, and effective communication. One tool our ambassadors have at their fingertips is an app that supplies real-time information they can share with interested parties.

The Ambassador Program also develops “advocates,” or subject-matter experts, who can help create messaging, speak at hearings and formal events, and guide regulators and legislators on tours.

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