Educational Materials

With an eye to the future and to building greater awareness about the oil industry

Aera has built an educational program geared to schools in the communities where we operate. Our program supports the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education so vital to our nation’s future and to well-paying jobs.

We have worked with teachers to develop educational materials about the petroleum sector. Designed to reach students from grade school all the way to the college and university level, topics cover:

  • What’s made from oil
  • How we use oil and gas
  • Where oil comes from
  • Geology
  • Conservation and environmental awareness
  • Industry careers

All our materials meet state educational standards and can be incorporated by topic and grade level into the school curriculum.

Our employees have helped shape the program using their subject and industry expertise. They work with teachers and, when appropriate, instruct in the classroom. Using a “train the teacher” approach, we bring teachers to Aera during the summer for a two-day workshop to help them learn more about the oil and gas industry and its importance to California.

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