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Environmental Health & Safety

Protecting people and the environment is fundamental to who we are and how we operate

Our Environment, Health and Safety team works to safeguard all who are engaged in Aera’s oil and gas production. Our motto says it all, “Every day, everybody goes home alive and well.”

Relentless safety

We believe that all work is worth being done safely. We have robust processes in place to protect the thousands of employees, business partners and visitors who come in contact with our field operations each day. Our relentless application of safety tools and practices is central to how we work at Aera.

We spend time every day not only addressing safety but identifying potential hazards. We track all indicators, from ensuring correct permits are in place to pursuing audit results to ensure positive outcomes. We learn from safety-related incidents, both within and outside of Aera, and apply that knowledge to prevent future occurrences.

Protecting the environment

Protecting the environment is equally integral to our EHS operations. We take pride in our environmental record and are constantly finding new ways to improve.

Aera has invested heavily in equipment, processes and technical experts to ensure we comply with (and exceed) the air- and water-quality requirements mandated by federal, state and local agencies. Our teams are prepared to respond to leaks, spills and any emergency that could occur in our production areas. Our direct involvement with numerous government agencies in drills and training prepares all of us to quickly and successfully handle any emergency.