Environment - Lrg

Aera is committed to protecting the environment and preserving ecosystems in all areas of our oil and gas production.

We demonstrate that by meeting—and often exceeding—regulatory requirements. Because regulatory complexity is part of doing business in California today, we work to foster good working relationships with state and federal agencies to stay current with evolving directives. We also participate in the process of developing practical environmental policies that rely on sound science.

Taking our responsibility seriously

Our team is responsible for:

Air quality management

From the federal Clean Air Act to California’s ambient air-quality standards, Aera is doing its part to reduce air emissions and improve air quality. This is especially critical in the San Joaquin Valley, where Aera’s operations are centered. The valley is home to some of the nation’s most stringent air-quality standards for stationary sources of emissions. Our success in meeting air-quality standards doesn’t happen by accident. It’s part of a daily and conscious emphasis.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) management

Aera’s efforts to minimize air-quality impact include ensuring that appropriate equipment and measures are in place to minimize emissions such as methane and carbon dioxide. Both the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board require businesses like Aera to file an annual report detailing GHG emissions and reduction efforts. A certified third body verifies our compliance efforts. We’re proud that we’ve achieved approval every year since the regulation began in 2008.

Ecosystem protection

Aera’s environmental stewardship includes:

  • Conducting environmental assessment surveys before beginning any new expansion projects. This allows us to check for protected plant and wildlife species and take appropriate measures to assure their preservation.
  • Partnering with the California Department of Fish and Game to manage the 6,059-acre Coles Levee Ecosystem Preserve, located about 20 miles southwest of Bakersfield. Home to more than a dozen rare, threatened and endangered birds, animals and plant life, the preserve represents a unique public-private partnership dedicated to conserving entire ecosystems.

Water management

We work with the State of California and the federal Environmental Protection Agency to ensure our operations are not causing harm to drinking water. Aera complies with all requirements to ensure adequate containment. We also participate in the aquifer exemption process.