Aera Southwest San Joaquin Valley Habitat Conservation Plan & Natural Community Conservation Plan


Aera Energy LLC (Aera) is evaluating a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and Natural Community Conservation Plan (NCCP) for Aera’s future development and ongoing operations and maintenance activities in Kern, Kings, and Fresno counties, California. This HCP and NCCP, called the Aera Southwest San Joaquin Valley HCP/NCCP (HCP/NCCP or Plan), will serve as a basis for applications for incidental take permits from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) for threatened and endangered species. The Plan area encompasses Aera’s active oils fields, areas where Aera’s future development may occur, and lands that will be conserved for species covered by the Plan.

Public Outreach and Involvement

Aera will conduct public outreach throughout Plan development to provide information to stakeholders, and to provide opportunities for public input.

Public Briefings

Aera conducted public briefings in December, 2018 in Bakersfield, Lost Hills, Coalinga, and Taft. Informational materials and handouts from these briefings are available for download.

Independent Science Advisors Workshop

Part of Plan development will include independent scientific input and analysis from a group of Science Advisors selected by Aera, CDFW, and USFWS. Aera will hold a workshop to facilitate this review. A portion of this workshop will be open to the public.

The Science Advisors Workshop has not been scheduled. Additional details will be posted on this webpage once available.

Planning Agreement

A Planning Agreement is required for all NCCPs. Among other things, the purpose of the planning agreement is to define goals and commitments for development of the plan and to establish and processes for both public participation and independent scientific input. Aera will post the draft planning agreement for public review prior to adoption.

Other Plan Documents

Public review drafts of pertinent planning documents will be available on this website at least ten days prior to any public hearing addressing these documents. A copy of the proposed draft Plan and Implementing Agreement will available on this website for public review at least 60 days before adoption.

Contact Us

Stakeholders, members of the public, or other interested parties can contact Aera at any time to provide input on plan development, request additional information, or to be added to the stakeholder contact list.

To provide input, ask questions, or to be added to the stakeholder contact list, please contact:


For additional information on Natural Community Conservation Planning, please visit CDFW’s website.

For additional information on Habitat Conservation Planning, please visit USFWS’ website.