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Inclusion & Diversity

Aera is inclusive and diverse

At Aera, we believe an inclusive and diverse work environment is fundamental to achieving our Purpose, Vision and Values.

We all benefit when every employee and every contractor is fully engaged in an enriching workplace that encourages and maintains diverse identities and approaches. When we preserve and value our differences while pursuing our common purpose, we increase opportunity for all.

By actively fostering inclusion and diversity, we build access to a broad range of thoughts, perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, which generate more innovative and effective ideas and decisions. We gain a competitive advantage that helps achieve sustainable business success. And we create a workforce in which people know they are valued, supported and respected. In turn, they are more fully engaged at Aera and more enriched in all they do.

Inclusion and diversity are integrated into our culture and organizational systems. In addition to helping employees develop greater awareness of these important values, we support the growth of inclusive, diverse Employee Resource Groups. We also seek diverse job candidates and pursue enhanced development opportunities throughout Aera.