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Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups empower Aera

By linking team members who share common interests or goals, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) add value to our business. By aligning with Aera’s business objectives, our ERGs help us achieve business success.

These voluntary, employee-driven groups contribute to a greater understanding of inclusion and diversity in our workforce. They stimulate new ideas and improve communication. They enhance employee recruitment, retention and engagement.

More than 350 Aera employees participate in ERGs, which are inclusive and open to all. Our ERGs include:

  • Aera Asian Employee Resource Group (AAERG)
  • Aera Black Employee Network (ABEN)
  • Aera Caregivers Alliance for Resources, Education & Support (Aera CARES)
  • Aera Interfaith ERG
  • Aera Latino Employee Network (ALEN)
  • Diverse Abilities & Wellness Network (DAWN)
  • LGBT+Allies ERG
  • Nexus
  • Veterans of Aera Leveraging Our Resources (VALOR)
  • Women of Aera

Among their many activities, Aera’s ERG members engage in community toy drives and clean-ups. They sponsor internships, literacy programs and career development opportunities. They host veterans’ tributes, LGBT pride events and cultural celebrations.