Mentoring - Lrg

Aera is home to mentoring programs to help our employees develop their skills and knowledge:

New hire mentoring

All new Aera employees participate in this program as part of the People MOC process. As part of their introduction to Aera, new hires are mentored by experienced employees.

Knowledge transfer mentoring

Launched in 2014, this program focuses on the transfer of critical knowledge. Supervisors nominate participants. The Knowledge Transfer Mentoring Agreement is the most structured and specifics of Aera’s mentoring program agreements.

My mentoring

This program is led by the My Mentoring Program Committee, which is comprised of representatives of Aera’s Employee Resource groups, Human Resources and the Aera Academy. Employees nominate themselves to serve as either a mentor or mentee. The committee pairs mentees who seek specific skills with an appropriate mentor from a pool of volunteers.

Women’s mentoring

This serves women in both technical and business professional roles. The Women’s Mentoring Committee nominates participants and pairs them with appropriate mentors.