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Fast Facts Jul 16, 2019

The numbers add up: California counts on oil and gas

Source: Western States Petroleum Association 

  • Oil fuels the future 80% by 2050 – Ninety-two percent of all transportation fuel in California is based on crude oil. The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that in 2050 fossil fuels will continue to provide almost 80% of the nation’s energy while renewables will provide about 13%.
  • We have a huge energy deficit California imports more than 70% of its oil – To meet its energy needs, California uses all of the oil it produces and chooses to import over 70% more, mostly from foreign countries that don’t apply California’s safety, labor, human rights and environmental standards. California also imports over 90% of its natural gas and 32% of its electricity.
  • Oil drives California 58 million gallons every day – California consumes 48 million gallons of gasoline and 10 million gallons of diesel every day.
  • The common denominator 36% of current energy demand is met by oil in the U.S. – Ninety-four percent of U.S. transportation fuels come from oil. One percent of U.S. electricity generation is fueled by oil. Over 36% of current U.S. energy demand is met by oil.
  • Local oil production builds careers and communities 368,000 careers – The oil and natural gas industry supports nearly 368,000 well-paying careers and provides billions in state and local tax revenues for schools, transportation projects and community programs throughout California.

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