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Aera is collaborating to build a constructive energy future for California – a future that both meets the energy needs of Californians while creating a better future for generations to come. That means innovating and deploying new ways to decarbonize energy production– all while continuing to help meet the needs of 36 million people in California that rely on oil and gas every day.

Over the next several decades, California will have a tremendous opportunity to reduce its reliance on foreign energy imports, by supporting in-state oil and gas production to help meet local energy requirements for as long as it is needed.

Aera’s commitment to collaborative partnerships within our communities and with key stakeholders underscores our dedication to doing what is best for California and the communities in which we work, live and raise our families. We work tirelessly to share the benefits of in-state production and remain committed to our role as a leader in the state’s energy transformation to create a better future for all of us for generations to come.

For more information on Aera’s CarbonFrontier project and other lower-carbon projects, visit our Carbon Journey page.

You can actively support CarbonFrontier, Aera’s carbon capture and storage project, by joining the Carbon Innovation Coalition.

To learn more about carbon capture technologies, you can go to our news section or go to the Global CCS Institute’s website. If you’re interested in the latest energy developments in Kern County, visit Kern County’s What is a Carbon Management Business Park website.


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