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Oil and Gas in Everyday Life

Coexistence: meeting current needs while advancing lower carbon energy production.

Aera is leading the way in providing the next generation of energy to California through high-tech, lower carbon oil and gas production that aligns with the state’s transition to carbon neutrality. With a vision for providing essential energy to Californians, we are reimagining our carbon journey and place in the state’s energy future.

Our strategy centers on the coexistence of oil and gas with the deployment of lower-carbon energy to reduce emissions, support local economies and create jobs. By safely producing oil and gas here in California while pursuing lower-carbon and renewable energy, we lessen the state’s dependence on imported supplies.

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Oil is Everywhere

From aspirin to umbrellas and cell phones to surgical equipment, oil and gas play a key role in hundreds of products we use every day. They power our water heaters, kitchen appliances, vehicles, planes, tractors and so much more. Oil and natural gas not only light up our homes and businesses, but heat and cool them too. They are essential to powering our everyday lives.

Without a well-thought-out, pragmatic approach to the energy transition, thousands of everyday products would disappear and our lives would become very challenging.

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Can you imagine a life without oil in California?

We took a fun, interactive look at a day in the life of a California family enjoying a typical weekend: a backyard barbecue-surrounded by many things we’ve all come to consider the California lifestyle. It is evident that life without oil and gas would be very different.