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The Big Picture Aug 12, 2021

Where California gets its energy

Richard Chapman, Kern Economic Development Corporation

Richard Chapman, Kern Economic Development Corporation

About 500,000 barrels of oil are produced in California each day, while the state uses more than three times that amount.

The Kern Economic Development Corporation (Kern EDC) recently released a fact sheet showing just where California’s energy comes from and emphasizing the importance of local oil production for fueling the state.

“California’s reliance on foreign oil has increased exponentially over the last three decades,” said Richard Chapman, president and CEO of the Kern EDC. “It is important to consider the true costs (human rights, environmental standards, marine-related emissions, lost wages and tax revenue) of favoring imports over local production. We always tell people not to buy blood diamonds, but do they know where our oil comes from?”

Here are some of the major takeaways from the fact sheet:

  1. Most of the energy that Californians use each day comes from fossil fuel sources.
    Of the total energy Californians consumes each day, 73 percent comes from fossil fuels, and 16 percent comes from renewables.
  2. We use a lot more oil than we produce.
    Californians consumes 1.7 million barrels of oil every day. That’s more than three times the oil than the state produces and accounts for 55 percent of net energy imports for the entire United States.
  3. California is an energy island.
    Without pipelines to bring oil to California from other parts of the United States, Californians must rely on imported oil to make up the difference. The vast majority (76%) of the state’s foreign oil comes from Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Iraq, Columbia, and Nigeria.
  4. Imported foreign oil is very costly.
    It is also less reliable and less sustainable. Oil exporting countries also do not adhere to California safety, labor, human rights, and environmental standards.
  5. Importing foreign oil to California, has a negative impact on our environment.
    The largest oil tankers burn nearly 4 tons of fuel every day they are anchored. Oil tankers account for 13 percent of the world’s marine CO2 emissions.

Source: Kern Economic Development Corporation

Download the Kern Economic Development Corporation fact sheet here.

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