Our Culture

What Makes Aera Special

Our people are the heart of what makes Aera special. So we make a point of creating a culture in which everyone can learn, grow and give back to their communities. Read on for a quick overview of the different ways that we help create a special culture.


We believe that your career should be an opportunity for lifelong learning and growth. And we take that very seriously.

That’s why we created the Aera Academy—a 14,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility designed to maximize learning and collaboration among Aera’s employees. The result of several years of meticulous research, this facility is supported by a series of rigorous processes designed to create a culture of learning: mentoring, leadership training, on-boarding and certification, to name a few.

At Aera, we believe learning is essential to helping people grow. So we go the extra mile to ensure that everyone does.

Health & Wellness

When we say “every day, everybody goes home alive and well,” we mean it. Our health and safety program extends beyond what happens on-the-job and includes your personal well-being.

Would you enjoy a quick workout at lunch? Want to learn about better nutrition? No problem. All Aera locations have on-site fitness facilities and health services including access to nursing assessment and treatment, ergonomic evaluations, and more! Employee wellness champions organize special events and presentations to provide support for those who wish to live a healthier lifestyle.

We want our employees to live long, healthy and productive lives.



When we talk about giving back, words alone simply aren’t enough. So we built a team around it. We call it Team Aera.

Simply put, Team Aera is our dedicated effort to improving the communities in which we live. In 2017 alone more than 1,400 of our volunteers invested 5,000 hours in support of 100 local agencies.

Team members have built shelters for the homeless, made blankets for seriously ill children, delivered food baskets to needy families, dug in on community clean-up campaigns, made repairs to homes and centers for seniors, helped fill a bus with essential school supplies, and so much more. To read more about Aera’s commitment to building stronger communities and charitable giving, click here.

Employees who donate 40 or more volunteer hours to a particular agency are eligible to apply for a Team Aera Grant in support of eligible non-profits.

Team Aera, a force in all the communities where we operate.